Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

What Scolamanzi II has done and ….. where to now


Scolamanzi was offloaded in Victoria, BC early May 2015 and then delivered to Elliot Bay Marina in Seattle where the Nordhavn office is based. With the help of Don Kohlman, the commissioning process turned out to be a pleasant and painless affair lasting about 4 weeks. This was mainly due to the fact we had everything barring softwoods, canvas and window coverings completed in Xiamen. I am especially pleased we opted to have all the electronics done at the factory and it
being a complete Raymarine system commissioning was a breeze. We went out into the bay, made a few turns and circles and she was all good to go.
We started our season in July and was back at Elliot Bay Marina at the end of October to ready her for winter.

Our cruise was a few weeks in Puget Sound which allowed us to be near help if we had any issues with the boat. Fortunately we had no problems at all. We then ventured further on to the San Juan and Gulf Islands, Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast, Princess Louisa Inlet, Desolation Sound and some of the Broughtons.
During 2015 season :

  We traveled a total of 1871Nm ending with 263 engine hours on the clock                                                                                                                                                                                 The wing engine had 62 hours of use and the genset ended with 170 hours.
We visited 20 different harbours and marinas plus we anchored at 28 different anchorages.


Our 2016 season started when we arrived on board in early April. We departed Seattle on the 23/4/2016 heading direct for Campbell River. Upon exiting Puget Sound we had the first of 4 problems we had during the season.

  1. Temperature alarm sounded indicating hydraulic fluid overheating. Two phone calls later and we diverted to Sidney where Melt Emms was waiting at the dock. He was quick to diagnose a problem with the impeller. Opening the pump showed that only 3 fins were still in place. A new impeller in place saw us heading for Campbell River only 2 hours behind schedule.
  2. Cruising in Fiordlands of Northern BC I noticed oil under the prop shaft. Investigation revealed a hydraulic leak on one of the manifolds back of the lazarette. We were rapidly losing all our
    steering fluid. Fortunately we were one day away from Prince Rupert. I had to fill the reservoir
    once and depressurise the system before arriving in PR. A handy refrigeration technician was
    able to make a replacement copper tube for us to replace the one with a crack in the flange.
  3. During a routine steering check in SE Alaska I noticed one of the 4 class 8 cast iron bolts had sneered off below the head. A second one broke a few days later. All 4 were replaced with stainless nuts and bolts. Not the ideal as stainless stretches so I had to regularly tighten the nuts. When we returned, they were replaced with the proper nuts and bolts.
  4. Auto Pilot 2 stopped working. A loose power cable was an easy fix.
    These were the only real issues we had with Scolamanzi during our two seasons on board.
    Not bad at all!

During the 2016 season:

We’ve done 5573 Nm and ended the season with 1075 engine hours.
Wing engine had 165 hours and the genset 550 hours of use.
During the 2016 season we used a total of 4997 gal of diesel.
We visited a total of 23 harbours/ marinas and anchored in 69 different anchorages during the 5
months of cruising.

In summary:

Having completed 2 seasons cruising the PNW in a Nordhavn 60, we both are
satisfied and happy that we have achieved what we had set out to do. Our plan was to build a boat
and cruise the PNW as far as we can. In our case Kodiak and the Katmai NP was as far as we got.
We are both grateful for and humbled by our experience. Now it is time to move on and find other
challenges, before our time runs out.



Explaining or actions/decisions

Henriette and I have since 2009 spent at least half the year cruising/sailing. We build Scolamanzi in Cape Town and then left for the Caribbean. After 2 seasons there we left for the Mediterranean. We cruised as far as Turkey where we ended up selling her. Scolamanzi 2 was built in China and commissioned in Seattle early 2015. The past 2 seasons we have realised our dream to have our own Nordhavn to cruise the PNW as far north as Kodiak, Alaska. Now the reality around work and family commitments, are making long absences from Australia increasingly difficult. So we have come up with a different plan to satisfy our search for adventure. We will find a new home for Scolamanzi 2 while she is still new and in perfect condition and then focus on land based travel in a RV for the next few years. This will allow us to get away for shorter periods and with less hassle, which is not the case with a large yacht. Who knows?  In a few years when Johann fully retires, we will probably be back on a boat. For now it is an RV.

So many choices!

So many choices!

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