Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Storm shelters before Whittier and Perry Island West Arm with Pendana

Sheltering from bad weather for two days: Long Bay and Surprise Cove

24- 25th June

Our sunny windless days had come to an abrupt halt. The weather forecast was for big winds, rain and large swells for the next 2 to 3 days. We spent the next two days sheltered in Long Bay off Culross Pass and Shelter Cove near the entrance to Passage Canal which leads to Whittier where we were meeting with Reyno and Laura on the 26/6/2016.

Long Bay and Surprise Cove were the first anchorages where we have had more than one boat as company – in fact we were 6 boats in the one and 5 in the other bay. It is due to the weather but we are probably going to see it more as the peak seasons progresses.

A quick stop at Whittier : Picking up Reyno and Laura:

26th June

The strong easterly wind became a bit of a concern to us in that we need to pick up friends in Whittier and could not find any dock space to do so. Rafting next to a fishing boat was just not an option. The only other option was to go to the fuel dock and take in fuel ever so slowly until they have arrived. It worked a treat. Good thinking Johann.

We have been trying to get Reyno and Laura on board ever since we have started sailing in 2010. At last it was time for them to join Scolamanzi. It is indeed a big moment for Johann and myself. I only hope the weather will change by the time they got rid of their jetlag.

Whittier is described in one of the travelling magazines as a strange town. We have unfortunately only seen the shore line, the Whittier Inn Hotel and the fuel dock. So unfortunately I cannot quite confirm or dispute that.

With two very tired but excited friends on board we departed Whittier for Beloir and Blackstone glaciers. Unfortunately rain showers detracted from the grandeur but the trip was good. We again anchored in Bettles Lagoon as the weather was clearing. What a beautiful spot it is in good weather.

It called for a few glacier-ice drinks to welcome the new guests to Scolamanzi after a very long day.

Second visit to Barry Arm and Harriman fjord.

27th June

A leasurly start with two jetlagged friends. By now the weather had cleared sufficiently to allow us to show our guests the majestic views we experienced in this part of the sound. It seemed they were not disappointed. We were again mesmerised while floating 50 meters off the face of Harriman for nearly an hour. Barry arm again was most impressive.


Perry Island West Arm meeting Pandora:

27th June

Johann had been communicating for a while with James Ellingford, owner/skipper of Pendana, a Nordhavn 62 who had recently completed an extraordinary voyage from Sydney via Hawaii to Kodiak in Alaska. They were cruising the sound clockwise while were travelling in the opposite direction. It took a view emails and phone calls but we managed to meet in West Bay of c. What a treat it was to have 2 Nordhavns steam into the bay at the same time. That evening we had a great night meeting up with James and Claire on board Scolamanzi. What a delightful and entertaining couple.  We had a wonderful evening together sharing experiences and thoughts.

Alas the next morning the boats again went their separate ways. We wish them bon voyage on their future travels. James by the way keeps and interesting and informative blog which makes very good reading. ( )

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