Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Leaving Seattle for an ‘Overnighter’ to Campbell River:

Friday 22 April 2016:

We left our super tight spot on the dock at Elliott Bay Marina around 8am. The 30 cm space between our anchor and that of the brand new Nordhavn 63 (“HA”) made for a challenging departure.

We had a fast run north out of Puget Sound going with the ebb tide. It was windless and flat calm. What a pleasure to see Scolamanzi doing up to 11.3 knots at times!

On our approach to the San Juan Islands we had a system alarm on the hydraulic system. A quick engine room check showed the hydraulic fluid temperature to be high with no water circulating through the heat exchanger. We had to shut down the stabilisers which thankfully was no problem because of the calm weather.

Two phone calls later (thanks Don!), and we were on our way to Port of Sidney Marina to get the problem sorted. In typical Formula 1 fashion, Melt Emms, the technician was waiting on the dock the moment Johann finished his Canadian customs clearance on the dock phone. The problem was quickly diagnosed as a faulty impeller and an hour later we were on our way, and the hydraulic system happy again!

We pushed through to Campbell River overnight with 3-4 hour watches and arrived around 11 am the next morning. Having done my first night watch since Turkey 3 years ago, it certainly raised the heartbeat for a while. It took me a while to get used to all the electronics, radar views and night vision images. There is just something about an ‘overnighter’ that appeals to me… it is something about being exposed and being in control. (#adrenalinejunky) – Looking out for any white, green or red lights appearing on the horizon – determining if it is a marker, ship, tug or fishing boat or something else, then deciding which way is it going and whether it’s a threat to us.

We could get some last fresh produce shopping done as we had to stay an extra day due to bad weather ahead.

We plan to leave tomorrow morning at 6am to be at Seymour Narrows at exactly 07:39 to go through at slack water. Tidal currents here can reach up to 14 knots at max – which you do not want to challenge at all!

We have met a couple of boat owners (Douglas and Gerry on “Orion”, a Nordhavn 57 and Robert and Arlene on “Kama Hele Kai”) also leaving at the same time, and am looking forward having company on the way!

Seattle to Campbell River (Vancouver Island):

Fullscreen capture 24042016 63802 PM-001

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