Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Arrival of new guests in Vancouver

Having been to Vancouver before, I knew that we have to spend some time there… it is such a beautiful and special place! Unfortunately, arriving there meant cleaning the boat, guest cabin, doing laundry and getting stocked up for the next two weeks. Dropping off and boarding the next lot of guests almost looked like a hot bed arrangement, but the farewell and welcome evening was quite special and we got the cabin ready just in time! At least we knew Chris and Marina will continue their voyage to more beautiful places (we were not too sad for them.. very jealous though! J )  and Jaco and Maretha was going to be interesting in many ways! ( I now can confirm that with  “Matroos” Jaco and Maretha on board, we never had a dull or sad moment! The laughter never stopped neither did the drinking nor the eating! It was great fun!)

We left Vancouver with our two guests that could give us a running commentary on the sights we passed as we left Vancouver (thanks to the hop-on-hop-off bus tour) – just to reiterate our thought to go back at some stage and spend much more time there. The weather and clouds very typical of Vancouver – grey and overcast but it improved as we made our way on to beautiful Snug Harbour.  We pulled into the Union Steamship Co. Marina with a great view across the bay.

If ever I have envisioned a typical Canadian outback town …this would be it! Unfortunately all shops and most pubs and restaurants were closed due to a “private staff party” … weird that they all had them on the same night! Anyway, the walks through the forest was worth every km of the 17km we did! The most interesting was the salmon ladder (to help them swim upstream to the place they need to spawn … as is the case with turtles  … exactly up the river where they were hatched) How amazing is this world!

The weather just got getting better by the day! While the wind still had a chill, the sun was shining and the days were glorious!

Leaving the next morning in beautiful calm conditions, we arrived at Pender Harbour – a natural stopover before you head north to Princess Louisa inlet and Chatterbox falls.  It is a safe and well protected harbour with thick mud that had a revolting smell to it! Sadly – this is how I will remember Pender Harbour. The usual dinghy excursion made up for it as it took us all the way into beautiful Gunboat bay with some fabulous properties surrounding the enclosed bay. Pender is a huge harbour with multiple little bays and coves along the edges.

The excitement was running high early the next morning! We are at last on our way to Princess Louisa Inlet – something we have been dreaming to do for a few years now! This was to be one of the highlights of our trip for this season at least!

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