Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Yes Bay (Still part of the Behm Canal)

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14th May

(“Yas” Bay – Meaning mussel in one of the indigenous languages in Alaska)

According to the books we have on this area, Yes Bay resort is open all year round. Well, on our arrival there we were enthusiastically greeted by 4 huskies barking and smelling and it was clear from their behavior that the boss is not home! A beautiful setting for a pub, restaurant and a few cabins with a gym overlooking the entrance of the inlet. The salmon river draining into the bay next to the fishing resort , completed the picture.

We anchored in the second basin of Yes Bay that offers -according to the literature we have – unbeatable shelter from all weather. There is a walk all along the old tramway near the anchorage that leads to a big lake, Lake Mc Donald – well, it is more than just a walk (more a climb and slosh) and the water we found must be the baby of Lake Mc Donald. We never found the real lake.  It was absolutely wonderful to stretch our legs and get some very needed exercise! The forest was beautiful and lush with still a few massive old growth cedar trees that escaped the claws of the loggers!

A lovely night of fresh salmon on the BBQ after Ben and Johann came back with our first caught King salmon! Just such a treat! Dianne and Ben did a splendid job with the meal and the rest was quickly vacuum-packed and frozen! It is a good think they threw the 3 smaller Red Rock Fish back – we do not want to drop our standard of protein at all!!


The Huskies of Yes Bay Resort



Yes Bay Resort


Beautiful features of nature


Scolamanzi looking very small in the bigger picture!


Bush beauty


Minute little crabs – the size of a man’s thumb nail






A beautiful King Salmon ! Thanks to the persistent fishermen on board!


Happy faces all round! A beautiful King Salmon coming home!


Big trees in the forest of Yes Bay





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