Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

The inside passage to Prince Rupert:

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4-9th May 2016

4-9th May 2016

During our routine engine and other checks before our departure from Windy Bay, we discovered some oil in the bilges. Further investigation revealed a leak of hydraulic steering oil from the manifold near the rudder. This leak has probably been going on for some time. At the rate we were losing fluid and the pressure drop in the system, it suggested we would lose steering in the next day or two. We therefore decided to head straight for Prince Rupert via the Inside Passage along Princess Royal and Grenville channels.

After a long day cruising – last half against strong tides in Granville Channel – we arrived at Cow Bay marina in Prince Rupert just on sunset. Marty (the marina manager) were waiting for us on the dock and in the next few days, was a handy man to know! The following day with Marty’s help we located a refrigeration specialist who was able to make up a new copper pipe to replace the faulty section. Hopefully the new flares will hold.

With Marty being there to help Johann, it gave me an opportunity to get some hay fever medication. The yellow cedar pollen was visible in long streaks on the water the last few days and scattered in a fine fluffy dust all over the deck. I don’t normally suffer from hay fever but this time it got me! I could hardly open my eyes and the run-a-way-nose was out of control! The normal steroidal nasal sprays for hay fever that is available over the counter in Australia, I have been told, is a prescription only medication here in Canada. The only doctors in town (8 of them and all 8 South African expats) are at the Prince Rupert Hospital. So we got the bicycles out and made our way to PRH! I was armed with my GP on my side and enough tissues to stop the embarrassing sniffles. The steep incline to the hospital almost caused a heart attack and as if that was not enough, we were told a foreigner needs to pay a small fee of $990 at the Emergency department to see a GP to get a script! Well, that almost fixed me instantly!!

Back it is – to the pharmacist to see if we could bribe him for a lesser fee. Luckily a new nasal spray was released recently and armed with sprays and eye drops I was a happy non-sniffling-bright-eyed first mate again!! (I did have a backup – an acquaintance from my earlier days, Mariette de Bruin is a GP in Terrace – and was so kind to be willing to phone a script through if the bribe did not work! J )

Cow Bay is a delightful little area of Prince Rupert. We were surprised with how much it offers in terms of shopping and services! The colourful use of the Cow theme is just delightful!


Dianne and Ben with Marty and Mae having sundowners on Scolamanzi

This is where we picked up our first guests on Friday the 6th of May to come on board. Unfortunately, on the day they arrived, the weather was changing and a low pressure moved in from the Gulf of Alaska with the typical rain, cold and wind. It was predicted to stay for a couple of days. The weather plus the fact we were waiting on parts to fix a faulty wind indicator (due to arrive by FedEx on Monday) made us decide to wait till Monday. The forecast was for good weather to do the crossing of Chatham Sound and Dixon Entrance on Monday. This as least it gave Ben and Dianne time to get to settle in and for the men to sort out and test out the fishing gear!

DSCN9825Our first taste of Alaska is about to happen!

The different sunsets of Prince Rupert:

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