Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Tacoma – Our discovery of Puget Sound

We left on a picture perfect day for Tacoma, with Johann’s mom and Cal on board. The challenge is on to keep these two 84 year old guests safe and injury free! It went well while we were at dock in Seattle getting on and off the boat. The steps (in unexpected heights and places) however eventually caught them out too –   as it happened to us in the beginning! Poor Cal ended up with a bad back and sore ribs after a small laps in concentration … he is luckily on the mending path.

The short trip to Tacoma brought us into the beautiful and spectacular entrance to the Marina – with the Dome, the Glass Museum’s impressive cone shaped roof and the lovely suspension bridge across the waterway all to be found in my viewfinder! We got a mooring right in front of the Glass Museum on the guest slip of the marina.  We could not have asked for a better spot and that for a mere $60/night!! We are very lucky thus far as far as mooring fees are going!

The tourist attractions and museums in Tacoma are superbly positioned, displayed and promoted! The walkways between them are absolutely stunning – with art work and sculptures displayed in walls, ceilings and along the path! A feast for the eye!  A free tram is running up and down between all of the museums which makes for an easy trip to all of them!

Naturally the LeMay America’s Car Museum was put on top of the list without any options of negotiation. I was happy to see at least one car museum in my life (and this apparently is rated as one of the best and biggest)  – so I tagged along on a very sunny super-hot day!

It was great to see beautiful cars displayed as works of art in a museum setting. An amazing collection of old and new and very weird – all  in perfect condition, all with a story to tell,  took up half our day! Just before I fainted from the combination of low blood sugar and one too many cars … we made our way to the Glass museum!

Wow! The “hot shop” where they are constantly busy with glass blowing and often has a well-known artist there too, was an eye-opener! It took at least 4-6 people to make one large item! Real teamwork! The work of one artist on display has caught our eyes … Dale Chihuly! (Have a look at his amazing work:

He has such an imagination and fabulously interesting designs with so much detail, that I could have stayed there for hours! It was a long day and we had lunch and dinner ashore to the chef’s delight!! I guess that was my break and I accepted it gracefully!


We left Tacoma early the next day for Gig Harbour … just around the corner from Tacoma!

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