Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Sydney and Victoria – The Southern end of Vancouver Island

The weather forecast called for clear sunny days for the next 4 days with little wind. With such a favourable outlook we were keen to get to Victoria. We stayed one day in Port of Sidney mainly to connect with Melt Emms (strongly recommended to us to do the Yacht Watch in the winter of 2016) and also to scope out Van Isle Marina as a spot to leave Scolamanzi after the 2016 cruising season is complete. After a wander thru the pleasant downtown area we departed for Victoria further down on the southern end of Vancouver Island. The calm conditions allowed us to hug the coastline and enjoy the endless parade of beautiful homes lining the shoreline.

PORT OF SIDNEY – Vancouver Island

We were lucky enough to get a berth at the Ship Point dock right in the heart of downtown Victoria in full view of the Empress Hotel and the Capitol Buildings ( Victoria is the capital city of BC) and centre of all the action in Victoria. For the next 3 days we toured around the city on the red London open top bus, visited the excellent Victoria Museum with its superb displays of First Nation history, had super fish and chips at Fisherman’s Wharf, visited Victoria’s own castle and to crown it all we toured the famed Butchard Gardens during the fall period. The 2 lady’s availed themselves of the great shopping with Canadian dollar prices being on par with the US and Australian dollar in real terms. The best part for us was to have sundowners on the fly bridge and enjoying the views as well as all the action happening round us with boats and seaplanes in an endless parade around us. It was hard to tear ourselves away after 3 days but it was now time to depart Canada and return to Washington state for our final few days before landing back in Seattle.

Architecture of beautiful Victoria BC

Sightseeing Victoria BC


I decided to go back to Sidney for some unfinished business and clear customs in the morning to head straight thru the San Juan Islands with Anacortes our port of entry into the USA. As it turned out Canada was not interested in our departure and the customs officer in Anacortes was friendly and helpful. Every time we interact with US Customs and Border Protection, I learn something new or become aware of a different interpretation of the same set of rules. Very challenging for a foreign registered vessel but we aim to stay on the right side of the rules – sometimes it is hard to find out what the rules are!

Victoria BC – Butchard Gardens



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