Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Seward revisited

3rd – 8th August

Seward is not a bad spot to wait for weather. Although we have arrived on a sunny day in Seward, the rest of our 5 day stay there we have had treacherous weather. Being docked on the transient dock, right behind the US coast guard vessel, Mustang, a few big tug boats and Savanah, we felt pretty special and in great company – robust company.

Being our 32nd wedding anniversary, I was promised a champaign night at a restaurant. I got ready since there is not much to do while it is pouring outside. Hair done, boat cleaned and ready to go, we were invited to have a drink on board Savanah. It sounded like a good idea to kick my celebrations off with good friends. Well, we never went out, and the Champaign was substituted for a Bloody Mary and later double blue Johnny Walker Whiskey and salami and cheese. The skippers and a crew member of the two tugboats behind us joined the celebrations and we ended up staying way too long! That was our second night on Savanah – we still have not learned to walk pass instead of hop on! It was an hilarious and wonderful night of meeting the tugboat skippers, Phil and Bob and having a great time with John and Joanne on their lovely catamaran. I sincerely felt for them as they had to leave the next morning early for Prince William Sound in poor visibility and not perfect weather either.

I made sure we visit the one restaurant that came highly recommended. The Cookery is not to be missed. The friendly chef, great atmosphere and interesting food with quite a few funky combinations of flavours made it a memorable and superb experience. The Merlot complimented everything from the best oysters we have ever had, the smoked brisket and delicious pork belly for mains to the interesting cream cheese ice-cream desert with balsamic reduction, strawberries and fried beacon bits on the side. A culinary experience that was just popping with flavour.

We planned to leave the following day depending on the early morning weather forecast.  Weather watching became all consuming! We use to only listen to it on the VHF and download it from Buoy Weather and Weather Track. Well, after having met up with a few tuck boaters, we have now added the amazing weather app “Pocket Grib” too and “Zygrib”. So weather was what we breath, eat and sleep. Little did I know that that will be the status quo for much longer.

Later in the season the weather windows become shorter and shorter. Often not long enough to get all the way to Sitka in one go. Deteriorating weather with 20 knots SE on the nose forced us to seek shelter in Yakutat. We did not mind as we were keen to see Hubbard Glacier near Yakutat.

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