Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Preparations and some fun before departing:

31 March – 18 April :

Having arrived in Seattle about 18 days before Johann, it gave me more than enough time to do the provisioning, oversee a few necessary services and to relax and meet some of Seattle’s amazing people!

I have decided not to overdo the shopping this year but had to carefully balance it with the 5 months away and the fact that we will not find too many shops for large parts of the trip to Alaska. I know there are a few places to stock up – and I will for sure get to the fresh food markets … but one thing is for sure – I am not intending spending my valuable sightseeing time in a food store! If you don’t believe me – come and look in my pantry!  🙂 😉

After a discussion last year about fishing on the new boat, I’ve voiced my opinion loud and clear that I cannot see us going through salmon heaven and not catching fish! Well it reminds me of the story on Facebook I have read recently: “She wanted a horse, He didn’t want a horse – So they’ve compromised and got a horse!”  On my return I found the down-riggers installed on both the big boat and the tender with rods and prawn traps neatly stowed away in the lazarette!

Seattle has always been an impressive city – just for what if offers, its history and how clean and efficient it is (from this side of the lens anyway!) What impressed me even more are the amazing people of this city!

And people definitely make a difference:  I am thinking of the Nordhavn family (Don, Michelle and Mark) that has adopted us and for which we will always be thankful; then the fabulous services we have become spoiled with from Emerald Harbor Marine (Scott, Brad and Larry) and Hatton Marine and their crew! Besides them, I have been privileged to meet a few sailing/boating friends that has just blown me away with their hospitality and friendliness!

Laura, thank you for introducing me to these amazing girls (and a few guys)! These girls are vivacious, inspiring, immensely interesting and so much fun! You are all such an asset to your beautiful city!

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