Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Port of Bainbridge and trip to Seward:


4th and 5th of July

Our time with Laura and Reyno was drawing to a close and we had to get them to Seward on the 6th to go by train to Anchorage on the 7th. This involved 50 mile trip along the exposed coast and into the Gulf of Alaska. So needless to say Johan kept a close eye on the weather.

After a lunch stop at Puffen Cove we motored down Port of Bainbridge with the impressive Bainbridge Glacier to starboard to settle into Fox Farm Bay for the night.

A whale of a time: At the entrance to Fox Farm Bay, we were treated with a sight of 5 whales feeding close to the shore. They were very shallow and the big shiny bodies were showing almost all the time. It was not far off from where we were. I went up on the fly bridge to get a nice shot of them. Two of them disappeared and suddenly popped up on the other side of Scolamanzi with a big blow a couple of meters away from the port side! I was left with spray on my face and some amazing close-up footage! What a majestic amazing creatures they are!

This would allow us an early start to get the outgoing tide out of Prince William Sound and then be at the entrance to Resurrection Bay 4 hours later to get the incoming tide pushing us up towards Seward. The weather played along and we had a pleasant trip with some fantastic sights along the way. Resurrection Bay is a deep fjord, nearly 35 miles north to south, on the south eastern coast of the Kenai Peninsula. The incredible coast is rugged and deeply indented and lined with massive vertical rocky cliffs rising directly from the beach. Multiple rock pinnacles dotted all along the way. Birds were sitting in big clumps feeding on the enormous amount of bait balls close to the shore. All very impressive.

We were fortunate to get a berth in the harbour which may be a challenge during the 4th of July weekend. Everyone was pleased to arrive safely in Seward and a great time was had by all.

We arrived in Seward in similar conditions that we have picked them up in Whittier – overcast with a light drizzle.  The weather was not great all the way, but we had enough sunshine moments to appreciate the beautiful environment. I am glad we did not make Reyno and Laura dragging wet weather gear all around the world for nothing. It came in handy for sure.

It has been 3 weeks since Johan and I have been ashore. The Nieuwouds were off in a flash even before the engines have cooled down and I could not wait to get off myself.  We all needed some retail therapy of some sort or another.

It was wonderful sharing something so special with good friends and to see them appreciate it as much as we did. Johann and I were particularly chuffed to finally have Reyno and Laura on board after all our years sailing. If Reyno did not hold the fort at home, we could not go out and play with boats. Thanks guys for a great opportunity to live our dreams.

Arriving in Seward Harbour

Arriving in Seward Harbour

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