Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Outlet Cape did not lay on a birthday party but Anton Larson did:

18th  July – The Captain’s Birthday

We badly want to get to explore more of Kodiak Island in the next week or two before heading across Shelikof Strait Geographic harbor and the Katmai National park. The weather will increasingly get worse in the next few days so we might have to make a move now or wait till much later.

At around 8am the next morning, with already strong westerlies blowing, we departed for Afognak strait to catch the incoming tide. Uganik Bay was the aim. We went through Afognak Passage at a whopping 10knots at 1200 rpm. Smooth and fast. Out along Kupreanoff Strait the wind picked up right on the nose. When we reached Outlet Cape to go round into Uganik Bay things looked very different. The westerly wind of 20 knots again the outgoing tide caused steep irregular 6-8 ft short waves hitting on our starboard beam. this got worse and became a concern so Johann decided to return to wait out the weather.

As Josh said to us the night before: Remember, any fool can be uncomfortable. That is true and something we have learned on our sailing and cruising adventures over the years. Well, in those kind of conditions, a turn-around can be a hairy one! All of a sudden waves of 6 ft high was hitting Scolamanzi side-on with large amount of water entering the cockpit thru our 2 large hawseholes on that side.

The turnaround point at Outlet Cape

The turnaround point at Outlet Cape

Well, that got me going. Wet-weather- gear on and on all fours, I started washing the saltwater off the deck and clean everything as best possible. After all … it was my Captain’s birthday and he needed no more stress added to what this day has already dished up for him.

We went through Whale Passage and entered the beautiful calm waters of Anton Larson bay at around lunch time. The contrast of events could not have been any greater. From stormy seas to this amazing tranquil bay with its clear blue waters and fantastic surroundings. Johann’s summery of the place was spot on. He thought it feels like we are anchored in someone’s garden. It was that pretty. Apparently in winter time, the residents of the island often have to ski over to the other side over the frozen lake, to get to the road that connects them with Kodiak.

A perfect idyllic spot to open a bottle of Mum Napa Champaign and have fresh Sockeye Salmon fillets with oven roasted veggies. It was cheers on great health, the best captain and a big thank you that I could be part of this life with him.

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