Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Out into the open ocean, rounding Cape Caution on our way to Rivers inlet

Wednesday 27 April 2016 : Echo Bay to Small Frypan Bay:

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More or less the route we took from Echo Bay around Cape Caution to Small Frypan Bay

Up at 4:30 and ready to leave at 5:30. We left Echo bay at the crack of dawn – literary … in fact, it was a little earlier than that! I was still struggling to get use to the darkness with all lights switched off inside and waited for my eye to adjust … when this almighty bright light went on outside! Johann has at last had reason to use his super lights:  24000 lumens each and there are 4 of them! It is pretty bright!

As soon as the lights were off again, the beautiful blue morning light provoked once again too many photographs to be taken!

We went down Fife Sound on the ebb tide at a lovely 9+ knots run and then north along Queen Charlotte strait. All in glassy conditions. We were so lucky with the weather so far. There was hardly any wind when we rounded Cape Caution and headed for Rivers Inlet. We did however get a taste of 3 meter ocean swells coming in from the Gulf of Alaska. On the horison we could see Kama Hele Kai, our buddy boat and was hoping to see them somewhere on the way. We were amazed by the good internet reception (LTE in most patches) and could send a few messages and emails on the way. It provides a window of opportunity to try and figuring out why our wind indicator is not registering.

Of all the things, we have forgotten to stock up on fuel for the tenders. So we pulled into an almost deserted looking Dawson’s Landing to buy some fuel at the resort. Being out of season the young girl, Amber, was there all by herself. We thought of getting some Bella Coota smoked salmon too but unfortunately this season’s stock was not available yet.

We pulled in at Small Frypan Bay (in River’s Inlet) late afternoon and used the last bit of sunshine to go on a fishing expedition to try out the tender’s manual Scotty downrigger and the Dragonfly plotter/sounder. (As you can tell – I love the choice of brand names … they sound like pets to me …). Mister optimistic himself made me fetch the big fish landing net – I mean big – it is half the size of the tender! Needless to say – we (apparently) are too eager too early – it’s not yet time for fishing!

With no wind and the last sunrays peeping over the treetops on the hill, Johann tested his drone and took some lovely pictures of the bay and the boat and it was good to work out the finer techniques early on in the season.

A lovely day was finished off with braised Oxtail and red wine! What is this…? A 5 star cruise? Yep! Sure is!…at least at times.


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