Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Our second visit to Kodiak Town

22nd  July

The decision to go back to Kodiak was a clever one. I was relieved to say the least, otherwise I would have had to stretch my improvising skills to the max. We were running low on fresh provisions and some vital things like the pods for the dishwasher!

370 Kodiak Town1

So many shapes and sizes of boats around here – all oozing character!



So the main aim was to get provisioning done, top up our tender fuel and at the same time fuel up Scolamanzi too in case we decide to do an impromptu crossing. The weather becomes a major factor in our planning – more so than before. We have lost a good 10 days hiding around. (I like to think of it as our hide and seek days – hiding from the weather and seeking out bears.) It is clear that we will not make it anywhere past Geographic Harbour this time. It also means that as soon as a weather window gives us the break we will have to make our move to get back to Seward and then down to SE Alaska.

As soon as we have docked at D1 (the prime spot of Coastal Explorer – a tourist boat that was out for a few days) Natasha came around to see if I need a ride to the shops (which is 3 miles out of town). It suited me perfectly and in no time it was all done and dusted and I could fit in a Library session to post a few blogs. In pouring rain and determined to get it all done, I was back on board with all the boxes ticked.

The only chore still to be done is to clean this boat from top to bottom! Johann did the exterior and I worked like a little bee to get everything inch wiped and vacuumed. How rewarding. We will leave Kodiak for the last time in a clean and well stocked boat!

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