Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

McCarthy Fiord – our last day on the Kenai Peninsula:

12th July

For the first time we happened to be anchored in a bay with no name. On our way there we saw lots of fish leaping out of the water at the inlet leading to McCarthy Lagoon. Shortly after we have anchored we went to explore the lagoon with the tender.

Arriving at the river mouth there were already about 6 people snagging salmon and they seem to be in the sweet spot where they rest before swimming upstream. We raced back for our fishing gear and spent a lovely couple of hours fishing and exploring. We snagged quite a few Dolly Vardens and I kept a big one to eat. No salmon unfortunately. It was such a frustration. We could see the salmon shoulder to shoulder in the clear water and Johann had a few bites. We could even see them following Johann’s lure, but none of them wanted to see what it’s like inside the tender.

We went back to the boat to have lunch and then kept going. We passed thru Nuka Passage and anchored in a bay on the west side of Nuka Island. It was windswept and not particularly attractive. The weather forecast we downloaded that afternoon showed that the weather to Kodiak was very favourable. On the spur of the moment we decided to leave in an hour and do an overnighter to Kodiak. Johann had a short nap while I cleared the galley and secured the boat for the crossing.

We loaded the tender and headed for Gore Point and onwards to Kodiak in calm and oily looking seas. Very happy with our decision to motored on to Kodiak.

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