Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Leaving Yakutat for the Inside Passage – Our last encounter with The Gulf of Alaska:

16th  – 19th August 2016
We left Yakutat at 8am. The 7-8ft swells left over from the 35knot gale the previous day plus a 12 knot easterly wind, created a pretty uncomfortable ride. During the night the seas did moderate and became slightly more comfortable.
Passing the beautiful Grand Plateau and La Perouse glaciers and massive mountains (Mt Fairweather 15320 ft) along the coast was unfortunately again covered in a thick mist. We did however get a few glimpses of the majestic coastline in the early morning. ( same happened on our way north about 2 months ago )


The weather near Sitka was turning so we exited the gulf into Icy Strait at 8am the following morning with a rising tide. Sitka was not going to happen this season. The forecast suggested yet a further weather delay if we stayed on the exposed coast. Plan B was to head for Icy and Chatham strait to avoid further weather delays.

Port Frederick, in Neka Bay was a quiet and pleasant overnight anchorage after leaving Yakutat more than a day and a half ago.


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