Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Joe’s Bay – Codville Lagoon – Ocean Falls:

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Thursday 28th April 2016:

We left at 8am in grey drizzly weather and went straight to Joe’s bay in Egg inlet. We would have loved to stay there for the night had it been better exploring weather. In spite of the weather we launched the tender and went for a ride to the horizontal waterfall leading up to Elizabeth lagoon.  The tide was rushing out and was pretty low. It was a strange sight with so many of foam balls around us … it almost looked like ice drifting! We literally drove through foam! It would have taken another 3 hours for the tide to be high enough to get through and will have to wait for another time. It was sad we couldn’t make it – it sounds spectacular!

Making good speed in light rainy conditions but not much wind we have seen the most and biggest logs yet here in Fitz Hugh Sound! It became a two-man watch looking out for logs and dodging them!

We entered Codville Lagoon and waited for the rain to pass. Just around the corner from us is KHK but we failed to raise them with the VHF and the phone reception is too weak to call them but caught up with them the next morning on our way out and got the most wonderful pictures from Roger, taken of Scolamanzi as we left the lagoon. It is a lovely quiet anchorage to remember.


Scolamanzi in Codville Lagoon, BC, Canada

Day 3 of no internet and no phone reception!!! We had an unfortunate incident with the Canon DSLR camera. I lost my balance with a wave coming through and knocked the lens on the side rail of the deck. I lost the lens cap overboard and unfortunately damaged the lens. 🙁 So internet will be handy to order another one while we are still in Canada! Hopefully it will be done within the next 2 days. I wonder if it is repairable at all?

Friday 29th April 2016: Ocean Falls:


We arrived at about noon in this beautiful bay at the top of Cousins Inlet.  A small village ,Martin Valley  on the port side as you enter hosts most of the residents of the town. The first feature that you hear and see is the rushing sound of water down the spillway and massive dam wall. A few two story building and characterful boat shed makes you want to go and investigate.


Getting closer to town, you realised that the almost ghost town has only got a few hard core characters still around. This community that once had 5000 inhabitants has lost just about all the infrastructure due to the closure of the mill when the demand for paper and paper pulp products has diminished. Empty houses were flattened with bulldozers and the four story dormitory has lost its soul and windows with grass and moss taking over in and outside. Only a few of the then mansions are still standing – fighting a battle against the harsh elements of nature and overgrowth to tell the story of a once flourishing industry.


As we were leaving the dock, we met the local harbour master, Herb that were very kind to take us on a 2-hour journey through to the museum, his ultimate man-cave and the history and tales of the town. Walking up to the dam wall we briefly met another character of Ocean Falls, “almost normal Norman” that owns the fishing lodge.  The amount of water rushing down that spill makes you realise that the dam and the lake that is feeding it must be enormous! Water is in abundance here, with an annual rainfall 14 foot!


Upon returning to the dock, we met up with Bob and his wife Elaine who hail from Alberta and only lives in Ocean Falls for 6 months of the year. He promptly invited us to go prawning with them. Johann only realised that, after having manually pulled up the second prawn trap (200 ft deep) that he had a plan with us!! It was wet and cold and very interesting to learn how and where to put prawn and crab traps out! Eight prawn traps and two hundred prawns later we went back to the marina. I had to start preparing a prawn dinner for the whole lot of us that was in the marina. Corstiaan and Wanda, Kama Hele Kai’s Roger and Arlene, and Bod and Elain.  The men went to set two crab traps for us but with a detoured to the village pub only arrived more than an hour later than expected!  Hahaha!  .. the usual expected outcome! It turned out a fabulous evening in great company in the cockpit of Scolamanzi!

The next morning, Roger and Corstiaan helped Johann to retrieve our two prawn and crab traps and more prawns and 15 cabs (out of more than 30 that was caught!!) my freezer was overflowing!! Corstiaan added some valuable knowledge to the cleaning of crabs that will come in handy! We need to get away before any more food was making its way to my freezer!

All in all, Ocean Falls was a great stop-over! We have learned a lot, seen a lot and have met amazing people, that we really hope to see again on our return to Canada!


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