Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Hands-on training before Hand-over day!

Peter and Don from Nordhavn both put in an enormous amount of time, devotion, patients and friendship in getting us to a stage where we could handle and manage our Nordhavn 60. I am hesitant to say with ease or with comfort – I am sure that will come with time! I am happy to say that we have met two fabulous people that will be considered friends for life!

With the size of this Nordhavn in comparison to  our previous catamaran, it remains a challenge to see what is happening around you especially when docking , anchoring or in high traffic areas. Johann has come up with a wonderful idea of a wireless, hands-free two-way-radio (Simultalk 24G ) to overcome the problem.  I will be his eyes in at the back and port side where he cannot see and it works a treat! I am quick to switch it off as soon as we are secured and before the coffee orders are relayed to me! 🙂

Although I trust Johann and even though he has such a good feel for the boat, my nerves had a pretty good workout in the first two days! It and I am getting better at not panicking and to use my calm inside voice on the radio at all times! Not always easy!

On Friday the 7th August  2015 we became the proud owners of the Nordhavn 60-63! An unbelievable feeling… more unbelievable than anything else. Johann could not wait to hoist the Aussie flag and our beautiful special American courtesy flag!

Time has come to wrap up the last shopping, last finishing touches and odd jobs. Thanks to Brad from Emerald Bay Marine for his devotion to the small but important last minute handyman jobs … and to Shaun Breese for the cockpit enclosure and fabulous fly bridge and several other covers that was made to perfection! What a great job! With very wet weather on the way … we will be happy campers in our dry cockpit!


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