Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Gig Harbour and Poulsbo: Still in and around Puget Sound


Entering Gig Harbour had us all excited! The harbour was surrounded with the most beautiful picturesque houses. Going ashore we found the Farmers Market in full swing (where I bought my first bee pollen sprinkles! And a wonderful bunch of flowers!) It is a small but very pretty little town!



On entering the town from the visitor’s dinghy dock, you instantly know this is something special and very different to the usual American town. The big welcome sign at the dock was a dead giveaway : “VELKOMMEN TIL POULSBO” and it becomes clear why Poulsbo is commonly referred to as “Little Norway on the Fjord”

The shops are delightedly different and the town a picture out of a movie set! The bakeries are to die for and once you have met the Danish Pastries, you will hate them!! They are sooo good!

For many reasons I will always remember this quaint little town where you can buy a comfortable bra in the bookshop and have coffee and  Danish pastries on the sidewalk … 🙂

Liberty Bay was a perfect spot to anchor just outside of  Poulsbo and meet up with friends (that we have met on our journey 4 years ago in Trinidad!) It was just the perfect place to have a good time with wonderful people over a few glasses of wine looking at the sun setting over Poulsbo!


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