Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Gambier Bay …


Gambier Bay:

18th May 2016:

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On our way we saw some whales but they we off in the distance. The rain continued and the visibility remained poor. Even these conditions had its charm. My pictures looked almost eerie and sometimes I had to check if I did not take them in black and white by mistake.

Gambier Bay is huge so we found a more intimate bay next to Snug bay to anchor for the night. We named it “Little Snug Bay”.

Since leaving Petersburg the temperature dropped quite a bit. Layers were added and just as we thought we will get snug in Little Snug Bay, Johann decided that we should put on our wet-weather gear and get the tender in the water and go and look for bears! While we were contemplating the timing of the expedition, Johann spotted a small boat and two people getting out on the shore across the bay. By the looks of it they might be part of a conservation team. They were clearly hiding and looking intently at something – that is when we spotted the two bears. We’ve spent a good hour out on the water in the cold to watch the mother bear and cub going about their business. By the time we got back on board at 1900 the rain had stopped and the chill left us. One of the few rainy days we have had so far at least provided us with 4 bears sighted.


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