Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Five days of lovely anchorages and interesting hikes and excursions – Prince William Sound

Miner’s Byte in Lower Herring Bay:

29th June 2016

We departed Nellie’s in clearing weather to have a quick look into Kings Bay. The large fjord was flat calm with multiple glaciers visible. Even a Clermont Glacier. We continued on to Knight Island, to anchor for lunch in Bear Cove. After lunch we continued on down the west side of the island and entered Lower Herring Bay. It was exciting to see two humpback whales feed along the shore. We continued deeper into the bay and anchored in Miner’s Rest just as the sun finally broke through. It’s a great bay for exploring with the tender. The rock formations were very interesting along the coastline. Thankfully we had less bugs bothering us.



Chenaga Glacier here we come again:

30th June 2016:

Scolamanzi at Chenaga Glacier

Scolamanzi at Chenaga Glacier

It was lovely to go back in better weather than the first time Johann and I were there. Chenaga was kind enough to let us get within about 250 meters from the face of it. I will never get sick of it. It is almost mesmerising watching the drifting ice, the shards of ice at the top and the detail of the glacier through the binoculars. Not even the bitterly cold katabatic wind was enough to lessen the joy of the day.


We anchored nearby in Tiger bite for the night. It was a great anchorage just because we could easily get to Tiger Glacier from there with the tender. That is exactly what we did. This time the adventure called for a bottle of Chandon Champaign to accompany us. It was cold and drizzly but it was fantastic! We were drifting nice and close to the face of the glacier for about an hour and saw a few big calvings. Very exciting seeing we were quite close to the face.

Just before we left, Reyno picked up a whole ice bucket full of glacial ice for our drinks for the next few days. In fact, as I am writing this blog two weeks later, there are still glacial ice curtesy of the Nieuwouds and Tiger glacier in the icemaker bucket.

Jackpot Bay and 7 Fathom Cove:

1st July 2016:

We left Tiger Bite anchorage thru thick drift ice and headed for Jackpot Bay nearby. Johann felt the ocean floor looked favourable for bottom fishing on the sounder so we stopped to give it a go. Reyno is not a known fisherman but was very keen to give it a go. Beginner’s luck was on his side and he pulled out the first Halibut and the first on Scolamanzi. Unfortunately, only a baby one that had to go back after a kiss and a few pictures. Shortly after Johann caught an enormous Yellow Eyed Rockfish that might have been in his 50’s or 60’s (apparently they do reach the age of 100) and unfortunately tasted tough and stringy. It was all great fun, although not great eating. That night we anchored in Seven Fathom Hole nicely protected for the night. We all went exploring the lovely bay by tender and afterwards  Johann, Reyno and Laura went for a hike up the nearly hillside to get a great view of the bay. That night was movie night and The Revenant was screened in the saloon. What a nice day!


Humpback Cove where we went walking with bears:

2nd July 2016  

The next morning Johann caught another Rockfish. This one was even uglier and we just could not trust it as a pet or as food. It went back to the deep blue as quick as it came out.

We anchored at Humpback Cove and almost immediately got into the tender to explore a flat lying area while it is still low tide. What a beautiful area.

For the first time we had fresh berries to eat – we are still not sure if it is wild strawberries or salmon berries, but it was deliciously sweet and the most vibrant beautiful colour and shape.

After about 30 minutes of wondering around we found a patch of grass that was clearly trampled by something big – big bears. Not long after we spotted a female bear with her cub not far from where we were but far enough to still feel comfortable.

The tide was going out so we could not waste any more time to get back to the tender or we would be forced to spend another 6 hours with the bears till the tide changes. We only just got to the tender in time to get her off the rocks and head back to Scolamanzi.

Otter Bay and Bainbridge Est arm:

3rd July 2016

The winds are still light with good weather forecasted for the day. We had a look at Otter Cove, but although beautiful, the anchorage was too tight for us. So we headed across Bainbridge Pass to the East Arm and anchored near the head. There were two boats anchored further up the bay. They came over to remind us that tomorrow was 4th of July and promptly invited us to celebrate Independence Day with them and not to get scared by the fireworks they will put on. Sadly, our schedule did not allow it as they seemed like good fun.

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