Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Crossing from Kenai Peninsula to Kodiak:

12-13th  July

The weather was perfect for a crossing. If we leave at about 6 pm we should be there by 8am the following morning. It turned out to be a great choice we made to depart when we did.

After an early dinner, Johann did the first 3 hour shift while I was taking a nap. Getting back up to the pilot house I could not believe the water and the skies! It was surreal. The water slick and calm and no wind whatsoever. On the one side the sun was setting with shades of pink painted all over the sky and water. On the opposite side were subtler shades of lilac, blues and pink. Sunset was at 11.05pm but it never really got dark at all. Just as well as I had to look out for large floating logs that is an ever present menace to boats like ours.

Just after sunset I noticed a really big log. I was ready to change direction and watched it come closer to the boat. Only as it was right next to me did I realize that it was a whale sleeping on the surface – well I hope it was sleeping. The birds looked so much clearer and bigger on the smooth lilac-blue water than on a “normal” sea. Big salmon would every now and then break the surface with two or three leaps in a row. I now remember why I love a crossing so much. No distractions from the vastness and beauty of the majestic ocean.

We arrived at Kodiak Harbour at 8am and waited for the harbor master to allocate us a slip.

Only a bit bleary eyed and ready for a good sleep.


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