Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Barnes Cove and two more glaciers: Tiger and Chenaga Glaciers

Barnes Cove:

22th June

We left Bay of Isle after a leisurely brekkie seeing that we did not have far to go. The weather remained calm and clear as we rounded the south western end of Knight Island. This gave us a lovely clear view of the mountainous snow covered Hinchinbrook and Montague Islands. We cruised north up scenic Long Channel and pulled into Drier Bay. Mallard Bay was particularly beautiful so we drifted for a while and use the drone to get some great shots of Scolamanzi in this stunning surrounds. After this we anchored in Barnes Cove for the night. It was one of the loveliest anchorages we have been to so far. This pretty little cove is surrounded by high snow covered peaks, waterfalls and beautiful clear water. At low tide the tidal flats are exposed to reveal a lovely golden/yellow border of rockweed and sea sack all along the shoreline.

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Here we probably had the best hike we have had so far. We could easily get up a pretty high hill with a stunning view over the bay and beyond. Much less bush bashing was needed this time.

Before we have left the next morning, it was drone time again.

Tiger and Chenaga glaciers:

23rd June

The weather was still out of this world so we had to make the best of it. Chenaga and Tiger glaciers, the last two tidewater glaciers in the sound that we have not seen, were not far off. So we headed straight for Chenaga glacier which was the largest of the two.

Chenega was very active and exciting to watch seeing we were able to get quite close to the face. We were treated to many ice calvings and lots of thundery sounds associated with it. We will definitely go back with Laura and Reyno to relive the experience.

Tiger Glacier unfortunately was neglected but we did manage to have a lovely lunch in the cockpit, while halfway up the fjord in calm waters with the glacier as our backdrop.

Needless to say – drifting with no engines going and the boat staying put in one place, the drone came out and made the captains day. What an amazing way to take boat selfies. I love every one of them!

That night we spend the night in Masked Bay on the west side of Chenega Island.


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