Our Journey on Scolamanzi II
Our Journey on Scolamanzi II

Afognak Bay:

16th  -17th  July

We departed Kodiak harbour at 7am in calm conditions. The forecast was for a low pressure system to move in and hang around with 20-30knts and high choppy seas. As we entered Marnot Bay, the winds were only 15-20 knots with 2 ft waves. We were entertained by spectacular whale breaching in the distance.

We were about half an hour early for slack water in Ouzinki Pass, and was trying to spot a few sport fishing charter boats seeing that it is a popular sight for catching King Salmon. No boats and no King Salmon later, we went through Ouzinki Pass at 9am.

We anchored in the head of Afognak bay. Samba joined us in the bay a little later. We took the tenders up the river and did some exploring and fishing. We caught Dolly Vardens almost at every cast – we still have so much fish and let them all go back to grow more.

The next day, after we serviced the main engine ( she had done 520 hours since we departed Seattle this April ) we had a wonderful 3 hour walk all the way up to the lake and back. Johann, with his spotter-scope eyes spotted a bear in the path about 100m ahead of us. What worried me is that we had Loxy, Josh and Natasha’s dog with us. Could it be that the bear smelled Loxy? Josh made sure the bear knows we are here and lots of us too… to Natasha’s frustration. A great bear picture opportunity was swapped for our safety. Not a bad deal I think. ☺

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